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Let Wee Engineer design and build you a Custom Grill.

Pictured is a grill we custom design for a local Fraternity. The overall length is 9 feet 1″ by 30″ cooking surface is 5.5 feet (probably longer than the desk you are sitting at). The work surface on each end should offer plenty of room to hold the containers of food, spices, and utensils. In addition, the front space offers a place to hold the pans as you remove your food. Also note the handle/towel holder on each end. 5″ castors on the legs make it easy to move around on uneven terrain. One of the most important features is C.A.P. (Chain Attachment Point). This allows the customer to chain the grill to a tree, deck, or concrete post for theft reasons. Trust me, many will have their eye on your new grill!!! This grill is 100% 304 Stainless Steel (except the castors and grill grates).

This is just an example of what Wee Engineer can build for you!! Give us a call.