Steel Sales in Dayton, Lafayette, Indiana

No minimum order.

Wee Engineer offers an extensive inventory of steel, stainless steel, and Aluminum. Our inventory fluctuates, so call us and see what we have available. If we don’t have it in stock, we can typically get it in a few days. Come buy a foot, or 100 foot.


  • Angle Iron
  • Square Tube
  • Rect. Tube
  • Channel

  • Flat bar
  • Round bar
  • Square bar
  • Pipe

  • Plate and Sheet

Stock 16ga to 3/8″

Value added Services

  • Shearing – WEE can shear up to 1/2″ steel, 8 feet long
  • Brake – WEE can bend up to 1/4″ plate 12 feet long, 3/8″ plate 4 feet, 1/2″ plate 2 feet
  • Sawing – WEE have two saws capable of cutting most material.
  • Iron Worker – WEE have the capability of punching up to a 1″ hole in 1/2″ plate.
  • Welding – WEE can weld Carbon, Stainless, and Aluminum.
  • Rolling – WEE can roll thin material up to 10 ga. x 4ft.
  • BLASTING – WEE offers sandblasting for large projects, trailers, skids, pallets.