Portable Toilet Trailers


These trailers, designed for the easy hauling of portable toilets and restrooms, are of our own heavy duty design and everyone has been impressed with our innovative tie-down system. The trailers are available in 24, 28, and 34-foot lengths. Pictured above are two of our 24-foot units. Capacities are based on industry standard of a 42″ toilet. Many toilets vary.

Specifications: Torflex 3500 GVW axles – Locking Tool Box – T-bar down the middle with rubber bumper – Sloped sides for ease of loading – Winch tie-down system (eliminates need of extra straps) – 205 R 75-14 Tires – 2&5/16 adjustable coupler – Electric Battery Breakaway – DOT Lights – Heavy-duty Jack (Swivel) – Imron Epoxy Paint – Available in brown, blue, green, and black


How do Wee Engineer’s Portable Toilet Trailers Work?
The Sloped sides of the trailer make loading cumbersome toilets much easier, and securing them is a cinch with our tie-down system. The height of the bed of the trailer is 29 inches, but the important measurement is the height at the edge of our sloped “ladder”, 23 inches. The sloped ladder, which can be easily seen above, is at the heart of our unique loading and fastening system. The toilet is tilted and its edge is set upon the edge of the sloped ladder at 23 inches, the toilet may then be easily slid up to the bed of the trailer at 29 inches.

The runners of the toilet fit snugly under the T-bar on the center of the trailer and our rope/winch system secures the outer runner of the toilet. The rope is simply pulled out through the sloped ladder side and placed over the toilets runners. Then as the winch is tightened the rope pulls the toilet both in under the T-bar and down onto the trailer. This system eliminates the need for troublesome extra straps and equipment. Our trailers have an adjustable coupler to maintain the trailer at a level regardless of the height of your hitch.

  • The tandem axle 24-foot toilet trailer, which holds 12 units (42″ toilet), is $8,800.
  • The tandem axle 28-foot toilet trailer, which holds 14 units(42″ toilet), is $9,100.
  • The tri-axle 34-foot toilet trailer, which holds 18 units(42″ toilet), is $9,990.
  • Prices are F.O.B. Dayton, Indiana.
  • There has been a significant price increase in steel in since January 2008, we regret to increase these prices.

Available as an option is our fold down T-bar system, which allows the trailer to haul the wider handicapped units. The T-bar folds down out of the way to allow the larger handicapped units to span the center line of the trailer. Pictured here is the fold down T-bar in both upright and folded positions. The price of the fold down T-bar is $350.00 per foldable section. 24ft requires 3 sections, 28ft requires 4 sections, 34ft requires 5 sections.

tbardown tbarside

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